You’re not beaten until you quit! That’s what my dad used to tell me.  The fear of failure leads many people to quit before they are truly beaten.  Failure is just the first step of success!  Your enemy can’t beat you.  You can only beat yourself.

You get to choose! As long as you stay in the battle, you are a success.  Think about this before you give up!  Whatever it is you want to accomplish, you are the only one keeping you from your goal.

I have heard a few excuses in my time.  I’ve made enough of them myself to put me in the excuse maker hall of fame, but for all those excuses, I’ve never actually heard a good one.

Excuses are just exit speeches as losers leave the game before it is over.

Edison failed over a thousand times at getting his electric light to work.  Each time he could have made an excuse and moved on, but he didn’t.  He learned from his failure, adjusted his next experiment and tried again!  The fear of failure did not drive him to quit.  He was not beaten; he did not quit!

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Failure is a habit of starting a game and quitting before the game is over.  Make a new habit.  Stay in the game!  You won’t fear failure as long as you think of it as the neccessary step to success.

When I was a skinny kid, I used to fight a lot!  We had big kid that lived down the street that gave some of my friends a hard time.  I would jump in there to protect my friends even though they were often bigger than I was.  That would usually mean a fight!

I remember a  kid that sat on me, pounding my face until his hand bled.  “Why won’t you quit?” the kid begged.  He was tired of hitting me.   I never thought of myself as losing those fights , even though my face lost more blood than their knuckles.

I won those fights because the next time I told one of those big guys to leave me or my friends alone, they remembered their swollen knuckles and how long it took for their bruised fists to heal.  They would usually walk away rather than risk beating me again.

Some people that know me might say I’ve had a lot of failures in life.  They’d say that because I’ve had a lot of big dreams and only a few of them have happened, but I’ve done a lot of things.  Debbi and I have had a lot of adventures.  I can’t call any of them failures because I’m still working on those dreams and loving every minute.

Babe Ruth hit 708 homeruns.  That’s what people remember, but he also struck out 1330 times.  He hit more homeruns than anyone of his time because he was willing to get back up to that plate after each strike out.

It’s important for you to know who is in control.  You are in control! You decide when you have failed.  You’re not beaten until you decide to quit.  The fear of  failure should never be the reason you decide to quit.  There is no failure for those who perservere.

Don’t let anything stand between you and your dreams. You get to decide!  If you don’t quit, you win!  Life is just a continous series of struggles.  They are never over.  Success is just learning how to beat back the fear of failure and move on, struggle by struggle.  You are not beaten until you quit!