By Randy Cox

Fortune follows the bold and the brave.  Virgil, the Roman poet, is credited with writing, “Fortune favors the bold,” but it must have been noticed long before it was recorded.

If only I had….  How many times have we said that, passing on this opportunity or that, yet afterward realizing a quick bold move would have brought us great fortune?

The habit of watching opportunity pass by without seizing it builds walls of bad luck, shielding us from better things.  Each time we standby, we add thickness to the wall and we reproduce a state of mind destined to failure.

Sometimes we have to be bold!

Unhappy people are not satisfied with favors life has bestowed upon them.  Mostly, unhappy people blame it on luck, but luck, good or bad, is the result of habit.  Boldness of action exposes the actor to greater opportunity because he takes more action.  The results are greater, the life lived is fuller.  This is why fortune favors the bold.

Fortune does not love those who hesitate.  Fortune seldom turns to those who refuse to dare.  It takes an act of strength to win it.  Good luck does not just happen.  It is not a corollary of timidity.  It is the reward for action.  A little luck comes to those who act, and a lot of luck comes to those who act boldly and often.

Luck is sown.  It must be cultivated.  The fruits of good fortune are only ripe after a time following a bold action.  The action must be taken.  In time the struggle of life will yield to the appropriate action taken in the right time.

Timidity is a defect that isolates the person from the full fruits of life.  The timid are removed from the field of living by their own inaction.  There can be no victory to one who fails to enter the fray!

Sometimes success can bear upon a single act.  Other times success follows a series of acts…but never does success result from a failure to act at all.

Act and act boldly!

If you cling to the opinons of the masses, you will achieve the fortune of the average.  To be showered with the affluence of abundance that the universe provides, you have to be willing to entertain viewpoints beyond the ordinary.  Don’t be afraid to try something bold and different.

Take a deep breath, pay attention to the endless opportunity that passes by, grab one and hold on for the ride of your life.  Take action! Fortune favors the bold!