Increase you followers on Twitter. Everyone knows that in a world of trade, the larger our network, the larger our world.  If we are going to tap into the infinite source of abundance the universe offers, we have to increase the size of our network.  Today the social networks offer absolutely incredible opportunities to network.

I have had a twitter account for a while but like all tools, it requires a basic knowledge to use it effectively.  I had three twitter followers for several months.  Today I discovered a great way to gain followers, people that want to read my tweets and me to read theirs.  I have nearly 200 hand-picked followers and I am just getting started.

If you are serious about interacting with the world around you, sharing what you know, and learning from others that have the same interests as you, then you will want to join twiends!

It is free to join, though if you want massive immediate participation you can shell out a few dollars for that.  Otherwise it is free!  Check them out!