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by Randy Cox

After struggling with too much choice for years, I find out that any choice is good choice.  In the Scientific American, Karen Hopkins reports  a study that indicates the mere ability to choose is as rewarding as getting the better of two possible outcomes.

young woman trying to choose from many pairs of shoesAs computers took over my world, I used to curse Bill Gates for bringing us windows with all the different ways to accomplish the same thing.  I was such a linear person!  In those days, and now, if you asked a couple of people how to do something on the computer, you’d get a different answer from each person, and they might all be wrong.

Then President Bush brought us more choice in the Medicare system with Part A and Part B.  I didn’t know how rewarding and good any extra choice could be.  I hadn’t figured that out yet.

I used to have good days and bad days.  I assumed that was just the way things were.  Then I found out the good days weren’t just assigned by the universe.  Good days are choices.  I feel good or bad because I choose to do so!  Just like Karen Hopkins reports, it is uplifting just to know I have  the choice.  I choose to feel good, but once in a while I might just choose to feel bad.  When I make a choice like that, it will feel good not bad, simply because I am free to make the choice.

My lucky hat is not lucky because it was sprinkled with fairy dust.  It is lucky because I decided it was lucky.  Good luck is the meaning I choose to associate with my hat.  When I wear it I expect good luck and that is what I get.  When I spot my lucky hat before I go out, I feel good because I can choose to wear it or not.  All of these choices are good choices.

You don’t have to make yourself feel good all the time.  Just stop choosing to make yourself feel bad.  Bask in the freedom that you have to choice your own fate, your own course of action.

When you walk forward don’t limit your vision to the two diverging paths that you come to,  know that you can choose to go back, or you can go off path.  Your choices are unlimited.  You can feel good about all those choices just because you have them!

Now when I use a windows program, I don’t curse Microsoft for forcing me to make a decision.  I am grateful for the choices.  Any choice is a good choice!

Years ago, I read a study done with fruit pickers.  Some fruit pickers did better the first few days of a harvest because they found a few good trees and went back to them every day.  Other pickers went to different trees every day.  They did well, but not as well as the first group that kept exploiting the best areas over and over.

Eventually, the first group picked their favorite trees clean.  Their production began to taper off.  The more venturesome group of pickers began to out pick the first group.  Before the end of the harvest the first group could barely find anything at all as they made their repetitive circle through their favorite areas.  The more venturesome pickers continued to find fruit to the very end.

I learned from the fruit pickers that doing things differently, making different choices just for the sake of choice can put me in places that my old rigid self would never have gone.  By choosing a narrow range of travel, I had restricted the number of opportunities I was exposed to .  When I trained my eye to see more choices and made those choices, my opportunities expanded in ways beyond my imagination.

My luck is directly proportionate to the number of opportunities I expose myself to.  The more diverse my choices, the more diverse my opportunity.  The greater I choose, the luckier I get.

More choice means more options and greater satisfaction, but fear can create the illusion of excessive choice.  The stress of indecision  can overwhelm a person to the point of paralysis, anxiety, and failure.  It can lead to clinical depression.  All of this can happen to those who choose to fear.  Choose the adventure of freedom and choice ; reject the choice of fear.

Choosing to appreciate and take advantage of all the choices around me was a good choice.  Now when I face a new choice, I look for even more choices.  The more I look the more I find.  Any choice is a good choice, the more the better.


Randy R Cox

Unique opportunity introduces  itself only to you. A similar opportunity may be given to another and only one of you gets  the chance, but whoever takes it will make it his own in a unique way.  Once taken, it may be closed to the others, or it may not.   It is our choice to take it or let it pass.  Shakespeare said, “…the flood, leads on to Fortune.”  Once we accept the unique opportunity, designed expressly for us by providence, we are on our way to an adventure crafted especially for us and adapted to our life as no one else could do.

We don’t just get one shot at the brass ring.   The universe provides abundantly with unique opportunity after unique opportunity.  We couldn’t possibly exercise every chance any more than our feet could touch every grain of sand on the beach upon which we walk.  The sand is there in abundance waiting to support and massage our bare feet as we choose.  It is the way of the universe to offer more than we can use. That is what makes it all such a great and wonderful mystery.


All we have to do is choose one path over the many and a road of adventure and prosperity unfolds before us.  It is a partnership between our soul and our Creator.  That is a unique opportunity.

Multitudes of paths are before you, all you have to do is choose one and began your walk.

The paths do not cease to present themselves.  Some open as others close, but there is always another road of opportunity and all roads are connected to you.

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Great opportunity is available to all of us.  The trick is to climb aboard a   few good ones and ride them to the stars.   Unique opportunity doesn’t come in a tightly wrapped box, but is loosely bound like a book with blank pages.  It comes with form but you provide the substance.  Destiny is a write-your-own affair.  The pen is in your own hand.  If you want success, you tell your story in your own way.  Unless you choose failure, success is whatever you decide that it is to be.

You choose unique opportunity like you choose a spouse.  You look at many, court a few, choose one then build a relationship.

For you,  each special opportunity provides only the potential  you determine to take from it.    Unless you are well  prepared, the greater the opportunity, the greater the chance of it escaping your grasp.  You must know what you want, build a vision for it, and train hard for the occasion it appears.  When you are ready, your dream will follow you, rather than you chasing the dream.

You can’t sit idle waiting for the perfect match.  There is as much chaos as order in the universe.  A dream is a fragile thing.  The unique opportunity is raw material waiting for you to shape it with the detail that you choose. A dream is a living creature.  You must capture it firmly, but at the same time let it breathe or you will crush it.    Reaching for stars is an exercise.  Your reach is extended by each failed attempt.  The next dream may be just the right one for the now practiced hand.  Don’t think of it as failure but as a miss designed by providence.   If you crush one, two, or many dreams, there is always another.  Grabbing an opportunity beyond reach is the only way  to develop the strength of your character.  Don’t fix your eye on the loss, but on the result it could have been.  If one chance slips away,   feel success in your hand as if it had not escaped, then reach higher.

With confidence, seize your opportunity and own it.

Remember each of us is different.  So many people waste themselves in envy of the opportunities that other have and take.  Because you  are your own person,  it is a mistake to look at the opportunities that come to others so easily or to lament the unfairness of it all.  It is a diversion of your goal  to pine over the opportunities afforded but missed by  others,  and it is an equal waste to begrudge the  opportunities that others take so effortlessly to prosperity.  You are not the same person as any you may observe.  You are unique.  The infinite opportunities that come to you are unique to you.

Don’t lose a moment of sleep over chances  you don’t have.  You have many times more opportunities than you are capable of  taking.  You have so many you can never even see them all.  While one comes to the front of you, another appears at the back, at the sides.  Unique opportunities are everywhere.   Any number of them possess  the potential to lift you to levels of success beyond your wildest hopes.  Choose with care, select one or two opportunities and make them your own.

Reach for a twinkling point of light, and let it carry you to the stars.  Design your own destiny.

Excuses For Not Being Rich!

By Randy Cox

What are your excuses for not being rich?  I just listened to a tape by Dr. Wayne W. Wyer from his series  “Excuses Begone!”  He put up a website and asked people to send him excuses they used to justify not doing various things in their life.  He received 5000 excuses, but the top twenty are excuses that keep most people from having the abundance that the world was designed to provide for them.

First we should recognize these as false excuses.  They are not true.  They are just excuses!  Mark down which of these excuses you use and replace them with thoughts that enable you rather than limit you.

  1. It will be difficult. People like to do the easy things.  Living poor is difficult.  Investment is easy when done in a systematic fashion.
  2. It will be risky. If you follow the 153 steps, all that is ever at risk is the step you are taking at the moment.   If one step falters, step back a step or two and try again.  Follow the steps of investment with observation and adjustment, eventually the result will be two million dollars.
  3. It will take a long time. It will take a little time to learn how to buy and sell.  If we worry about the time, we will be poor forever.
  4. It will cause family drama. A wife or family member might not approve of your investment, but if they are slightly upset over a bit of time and money spent on an investment, imagine how much family drama will happen when there is a sudden need for money and the money needed is not there because the investment was never made.
  5. I don’t deserve it. I’m unworthy.  Some people believe this but never admit it.  Everyone deserves an abundant life in harmony with the world around them.  It’s just an excuse.
  6. It’s not my nature. It’s just not me.  It’s not you only because you choose to not be rich.
  7. I can’t afford it. There is nothing to afford.  The first step of the 153 steps provides the money needed to go the second step.  Each step thereafter provides the capital and the backup reserve.  You can’t afford not to get rich.
  8. No one will help me. This whole website as well as is there for help.  Breaking it down step by step is help.  The forum is there for people at the same level of investment activity to help each other.
  9. It’s never happened before. The past does not equal the future.  It’s never happened before because no one ever broke it down into 153 incremental steps.  If you’ll follow the steps; you’ll be rich.
  10. I’m not strong enough. If you are strong enough to take a step, you’re strong enough to work this system.  The whole system is about starting from weakness and growing stronger and stronger each step.
  11. I’m not smart enough. If you can read, you are smart enough to do these simple steps.
  12. I’m too old or too young. If  you are somewhere between unborn and dead, you are the perfect age for this system.  I wish I had known about this when I was a kid coloring my own money with crayon and white paper.  Older people past the age of earning a living can devote full time to making their fortune.
  13. Rules won’t let me. There are no rules except the first one which require picking up a few aluminum cans on the first step.  If  you can’t live with that rule, skip it and pull five bucks out of your pocket and move to the second step.  There are no rules; there are no reasons to prevent anyone from making two million dollars one step at a time.
  14. It’s too big!  Step one is about as small as it can get.  Step two is just a little bigger than step one.  153 steps are designed to never be too large to undertake.  The lessons learned and the experienced gained in each step prepares you for the next one.   It’s never too big!
  15. I don’t have the energy. The whole physical world is held together by energy.  Energy is everywhere and you can draw upon infinite energy to accomplish whatever you want.
  16. Family history prevents it. My Grandfather was a sharecropper.  The past does not equal the future.  I’m making new family history.  If you take the first step, the other 152 steps will be easy.  You will change the course of your family history.
  17. I’m too busy. Everyone has 24 hours in their day.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone can find time enough to take one step at a time.
  18. I’m too scared. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says there are only two emotions: fear and love.  If you take the first step, accumulate your first capital, you’ll love it!  Love trumps fear!
  19. God doesn’t want me to. God provides infinite opportunity  all.  There is no scarcity from God.   Men who put  God and creation in a box see finite opportunity.    They fear someone will get it all before they do.  Out of greed they hoard huge sums of money to themselves–more than they could ever use.  God wants you to go forth and multiply.  God doesn’t want you to compete for a limited supply of money.  God wants you to create from an infinte source.
  20. I’m going to die anyway.      You can’t take the money with you, but even death can not rob you of the experience of having accumulated it.  It is an experience that molds you into a more and powerful being.

If you get a chance, acquire the tape set or read the book, “EXCUSES BEGONE!” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  He will show you how to get rid of the mind virus that fills your head with untrue memes and keeps you from the destiny that you were designed for.  Tony Robbins is another teacher that can help you change from the person you are to the person you want to be.
It won’t take forever to work this program, but while you are working it there will be ample time to learn new things.   If you don’t want to buy self-improvement tapes and programs, check out your local library.  Just like any other problem, the solution to the false excuses is to identify the problem, formulate a solution, implement the solution, observe the results, then adjust the solution to get better results.
Let’s get rich!