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Randy R Cox

The transformation of labor into money is a learned process.  If you want to accumulate money, you must

apply your labor to the acquisition of wealth.  Applying labor is an art rather than a science.  Where you apply your labor determines the return you will receive.  With the same expense of labor a fisherman can get more fish out of good water than he can in bad.

How you apply your labor also determines your return.  You can push against a stone wall and wear yourself out and yet never move the wall.  If you find a weak spot in the wall and apply a tool with leverage, then the wall may move.  How you apply your labor is important.

In a highly sophisticated market economy, the division of labor is important to understand.  You can not Money to Burn, 1893

acquire wealth efficiently doing all the work yourself.  You must purchase the labor of those more efficient than you at a price that returns more than your expense.

Your labor should be distributed among the various labors in such a way as to make the cumulative cost of all labor (including your own) less than the price you will receive for your production.

This is the trick to making money.  It is complex…but simple.  If you are skilled in making the decisions of an entrepreneur, you will make money.  If you make bad decisions, you will lose.

You must first labor to acquire capital savings.  As your capital grows, you will have the means to purchase the labor of others more efficient than you.  The division of labor allows the efficiency of your production to grow exponentially beyond your wildest imagination.

In the beginning, you can develop capital with little more than your own labor.  As your capital grows, you can grow your production of wealth by purchasing the labor of others in areas where they are more efficient than you.

If you make a mistake and pay labor more than you can receive for that labor, then you will have to make up the loss in expense by adding even more of your own labor to the project or the next project to make up your loss.

Just as a pilot steadily adjusts his course toward his destination, so will the entrepreneur adjust his decisions and labor toward the end of making as much money as he can in the most efficient manner.

It is not a single action, but an ongoing process.  Goals must be set, plans must be implemented and results observed.  When the results are positive, they need be repeated and improved.  When they are negative, they need to be adjusted to a more positive result.

The driver of an automobile constantly adjusts the steering wheel.  A new driver makes a thousand decisions as he adjusts the wheel, but with experience instinct and skill take over.  The decisions are still made but they are more sub-conscious than conscious, more instinctive and intuitive than decisive.

Just as we learn to drive a car, we must learn to apply labor, and later capital to the pursuit of money.  It will become easier in time.  The important thing is to take the first steps; get moving!  The money will follow as our skills develop.

It doesn’t require genius.  Plenty of wealthy people are dull witted.  It requires perseverance and work.

By Randy Cox

Fortune follows the bold and the brave.  Virgil, the Roman poet, is credited with writing, “Fortune favors the bold,” but it must have been noticed long before it was recorded.

If only I had….  How many times have we said that, passing on this opportunity or that, yet afterward realizing a quick bold move would have brought us great fortune?

The habit of watching opportunity pass by without seizing it builds walls of bad luck, shielding us from better things.  Each time we standby, we add thickness to the wall and we reproduce a state of mind destined to failure.

Sometimes we have to be bold!

Unhappy people are not satisfied with favors life has bestowed upon them.  Mostly, unhappy people blame it on luck, but luck, good or bad, is the result of habit.  Boldness of action exposes the actor to greater opportunity because he takes more action.  The results are greater, the life lived is fuller.  This is why fortune favors the bold.

Fortune does not love those who hesitate.  Fortune seldom turns to those who refuse to dare.  It takes an act of strength to win it.  Good luck does not just happen.  It is not a corollary of timidity.  It is the reward for action.  A little luck comes to those who act, and a lot of luck comes to those who act boldly and often.

Luck is sown.  It must be cultivated.  The fruits of good fortune are only ripe after a time following a bold action.  The action must be taken.  In time the struggle of life will yield to the appropriate action taken in the right time.

Timidity is a defect that isolates the person from the full fruits of life.  The timid are removed from the field of living by their own inaction.  There can be no victory to one who fails to enter the fray!

Sometimes success can bear upon a single act.  Other times success follows a series of acts…but never does success result from a failure to act at all.

Act and act boldly!

If you cling to the opinons of the masses, you will achieve the fortune of the average.  To be showered with the affluence of abundance that the universe provides, you have to be willing to entertain viewpoints beyond the ordinary.  Don’t be afraid to try something bold and different.

Take a deep breath, pay attention to the endless opportunity that passes by, grab one and hold on for the ride of your life.  Take action! Fortune favors the bold!

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Make money, have fun, do good. If making money isn’t fun, then why would you want to do it. Yeah, you want to make money so you can have fun. Isn’t that the whole point?

You could do something unfun so you could have the money to have fun, but that would defeat the purpose.

It’s possible that the pain of making money might be greater than the fun you could buy with that money. That wouldn’t be a very good system. Yet, that’s exactly the system most people use to make their money. It’s called a job and most people hate their job

You don’t want to do that. There are a million ways to make money. Some of them are fun and some of them are like going to the dentist.  You should be having fun and making money.

If you have sent your name to for the business plan to make millions, you might as well adopt a sensible rule on this at the beginning.

If it ain’t fun, don’t do it. Decide right now that out of the million ways to make money you are going to choose the fun ways.

Have fun; have money.   Money is not everything, but it helps.  Why not just go ahead make your money, have your fun and then live the rest of your life without worrying about money?

by Randy Cox

When working capital to accumulate wealth, there are two approaches on how to make a fortune.

The first and common way is to compete for wealth.  This method presumes a finite amount of wealth to be consumed by a given number of inhabitants.  For one to gain, another must lose.  This is the way of Darwin and the Robber Barons of the last century.  The things done in the heat of competition are often nasty.

There is another way to accumulate wealth.  The less common approach to wealth accumulation  presumes an infinte source of raw materials and energy to create wealth.  The creative method does not require taking wealth  from others, but adding new wealth to the expanding abundance of the universe.  The creative method is how we will make our fortune.

The world of the competitor is much smaller than the world of the creator.  The competitor finds an opponent everywhere, while the creator finds partners all around.  The competitor thinks in terms of getting, taking, and winning.  The creator thinks in terms of  creating, sharing, and giving.

The competitor struggles with the world around him, seeking to win against those who get  in his way and to destroy obstructiongs that stand in his way.  The creator seeks to join with those who get in his way that they might both find a way around the obstructions.  The creator sees the world as an expanding universe and his own role to go forward and multiply.

When searching for an example of great creativy it is hard to find a better one than Jesus.  When Jesus owed taxes, he took a gold coin from the mouth of a fish.  He did not seek to exploit the market around him for gold at the expense of another.  He found wealth where it was not known to be.  When he was faced with multitudes of hungry people, he did not bid for food at the market price.  He just took the food he had and distributed in a creative manner that fed all.

It is interesting to note that stealing is a concept of radical competition.  Sharing is a concept of radical creativity.  When a thief competes with a creator who shares, the creator will win.    It is impossible to steal from one who shares.

At  and we will let the competitors have at each other to their own delight.  We will take the higher road of creativity.  There is an endless supply of raw materials, energy, and ideas from which to create wealth.  This is how to make a fortune.   Let’s get rich!

by Randy Cox

As I write this I am aware of the fact that  almost no one is paying attention to the power of small change.  I went to a dinner party last night and people asked what I was doing these days.  My wife told them about my plan to pick up a few cans, sell them for cash and turn it into two million dollars.  She told them I was busy building a website to share this system with others.  She called it, “internet millions.”  People seemed slightly confused at my plan and largely skeptical at my chances.  Everyone wants to know how to make a fortune, but it seems easier to help another make his fortune (by paying some guru) than to actually utilize free infomation to make your own.

I understand.  It is hard to have the vision to see  value in  this.  They can’t readily see see the simple genius of my Dad’s pig – lifting strategy.  Even my Dad didn’t believe in his own method enough to actually see it through to the end.   If someone out there has actually responded to my challenge, started collecting ,  but is having second thoughts, I’d like to encourage them.

This is not foolishness.

Ben Franklin knew the power of small change.  Remember he said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  He was a wealthy man, but he had the vision to put a single dollar into a special trust fund in Philadelphia and leave it there.  Today the dollar has grown and the fund fully pays the tuition for several low income students every year.

Don’t feel foolish.  The power of small change is real.  It is inevitable that you will doubt the validity of the whole process.  If I can convince you to keep going, keep learning, and moving  through a few more steps you will never regret it.

If your experience is like mine another thing that is inevitable is  a neighbor or friend will drive by while you are poking around in the mud like a homeless person.  Great! What an important lesson is to be learned here.    Your friends  will be puzzled at what they see you doing.  Picking up cans?

You will feel embarrassed.

Don’t just hide your face in shame, contemplate this.   Rich people are not embarrassed by making money.  Again, rich people are not embarrassed making money.  If we are going to be rich, we must learn to not be embarrassed by money.  When an honest opportunity presents itself, rich people do not hesitate.  They seize the opportunity.  Small change is powerful.

Poor people stop to think about what others will think.  In a competitive world, hesitation will often cost the opportunity.  The person with money will snatch the opportunity away.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The rich get power….the poor get poorer.

Here is an experiment of observation for you.  Try picking up cans in a rich neighborhood.  The rich recycle.  They save their cans and turn them back in for cash.  Look in the shopping center parking lots near expensive homes.  See how much loose change you will find.  You won’t find many cans; you won’t find many coins.

Rich people pick up coins where they drop them.  Poor people often don’t bother to pick up pennies or other coins.  They are in too much of a hurry.  Rich people almost always stop to pick up coins.  They’ve already paid tax on the dropped coin and they don’t intend to lose that tax-free money.  It is against their nature.

One of the reasons for us to start small is because we need to change our nature.  If we have dropped pennies in the past and let them roll because we are in too much of a hurry to…. say… get to our day jobs where we are overworked and underpaid, we need to move toward a  new nature, more inclined to cling to money than to let it roll from our grasp.

It makes sense to start small and pay careful attention to the details.  There is so much to learn from this.   It is important as we take this path to get our minds clear.  One thing we need to see well is the whole concept of problem solving.  It is simple, but a few years ago when I first started to solve some of my own problems,  I would ask others what method they used to solve problems.

Some gave me vague answers which were basically correct but weakened by extraneous steps and imperceptions that were more distraction than help.  Still, they did manage to solve problems in spite of non-focused methods.  Some actually surprised me with answers like, “There’s a method?”

Getting clear on that is important.  First we must define the problem; then we consider a number of possible solutions.  After we have a number of solutions, we pick the best solution and implement it.

Once we implement the solution, we need to pay attention to the results we are getting.  That is very important.  If the results are not what we want or need, we need to adjust our actions until the results are what we need.

That’s it!  That’s all there is to it.  That’s how to solve a problem and that’s how to make a fortune.  As we work towards the solution, we observe and adjust.  That’s the way a pilot flies from Dallas to L.A.  The pilot sets his course, but the wind blows him off course.  He constantly observes where he is and adjusts his position so he is back on course.  The aim is straight, but the reality is a crooked path.

The can hunter pays attention.  He sees one here on this side of the road, one other on the other side of the road.  Yes, that must be done, but that is not what I’m really talking about.  Other things must be noticed and skills developed.  The eye learns to see, like the hunters of old learned to see game hiding from them.  We should note that opportunity and wealth is everywhere.  The road that we walk upon is connected to every road.  If you consider the shipping lanes, the road you stand upon is connected to every road in the world.

Let this exercise expand your vision.  We will need this expanded vision as our opportunities also expand.   We  only have 153 steps to our destination.  As our bag fills we can know to a certainty that we are moving to our goal.  We have small and certain success with the small steps.  We will have equal certain success with the next steps.  It evolves naturally, step by step.  This is a viable and certain way way  to make a fortune.

Before we finish the foolishness of collecting cans, we should seize the opportunity for the second step.  It has presented itself already.  What will be the second step?   Of course, we pick up the coins–just like the rich people do.

In America capital is laying on the ground.  Anyone can be a capitalist that decides to accept the captial that is offered.

Let’s get rich!

By Randy Cox

Any one can be a capitalist, but how about from a penny…two million dollars.  The first caveman to pick up a stick to use as a weapon was a capitalist.  He converted raw material into a weapon to amplify his own ability.  He moved up instantly in the food chain.  With the first whack of the stick, he gained power over the creatures below that lacked the vision to see the weapon quality of the stick.  This is what this program is about.

We start at the bottom with a little work to get capital.  Then we learn how to buy and sell things for a profit.  This is how to make a fortune.  We learn how to seize the opportunity.  I don’t mean to be rude, but most of us don’t think of ourselves as being very good at this business of capitalism.  If you are good at it, then this program will be too basic for you.  You might  do better borrowing a few million dollars and turning it into a billion.  This program is for losers who are sick of losing.  We’re not going to take it anymore!

This business plan is for honest people that want to strip capitalism down to the basic form by hunting for opportunity that is within their grasp, add some value, then trade that new improved commodity to the “market” for the next and better opportunity.  This program never requires borrowed capital.   Growing our savings a little at a time is really how to make a fortune.

Borrowing is the way those who have enslave those who want.  They whole business cycle is about the rich loaning the ambitious money to complete projects larger than they could do otherwise.  So the rich loan out the money; the ambitious use it to build, and then at the end of the  cycle the rich tighten up the money supply.  Some of the ambitious borrowers see the cycle coming and prepare for it, but most of the time, they lose what they built.  It goes back to the rich and the cycle starts over.

This system requires vision and patience.  If you learn how to save a penny until it is a dollar and then invest it wisely, you’ll have power than exceeds the encumbered millionaires.  You won’t  be impressing the rich.  They are more attracted to  the flashy entrepreneur, the shaker and mover, the wheeler dealer.  Those are they guys most vulnerable to their traps.  They loan the money, then pull it back when the time is right.  The big shots come and go.

We will work among them attracting very little attention.  We will be players but without the flash.  The first step is very humble.  We need cash.  Beg or borrow a large plastic garbage sack and fill it with aluminum cans.  We’ll learn a lot of lessons from this experience, and we’ll sell the cans for cash.  We’ll have enough capital to start our cash business, and we’ll have money in surplus to back us up on the inevitable occasions when we fail.

Picking up cans is hard work.  It takes money to make money, but not so much as you might think.  After the cans, we will begin buying and selling.  If it bothers you that we start so small, think of how many deals we have to do to make two million dollars.  One hundred fifty three deals is not that much.  This is the first of one fifty three.  As you walk the road, from can to can, think this road leads to two million dollars.  Each can is worth about a penny.  “The penny grows to a dollar;  the dollar grows to two million.

by Randy Cox

How to make a fortune, step by step:  This is the first post of many to come, all concerned with the single purpose of making enough money to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  This site is not for those looking to get rich quick.  This is for that community of working class folk that have always wanted money but just haven’t found the way.

I’ve been working on my fortune for over half a century and only recently have I discovered the secret.  It was not a hidden secret but so open and obvious that I stumbled past it for the most part of my life. 

I decided to make and have money at a very early age.  While my friends colored skies, grass, and stick figures, I colored crude portraits of presidents and scribbled denominations.  I cut out slips of paper and made my own currency–stacks and stacks of it.  Fortunately, my efforts were so bad and I was so young, no one took my attempt seriously.  I was not arrested.

Other children marvelled at the mysteries of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  I was awed by the  nickel.   How could this coin, larger than the dime,  only be exchanged for half as many pennies?  I was perplexed.

My first business venture was a lemonade stand.  I lost money on that deal and it set a pattern that was to follow me for most of my life.

I made some money selling greeting cards, and I made even more mowing lawns.  That was work, not quite the same as making money by my wits.  I remember once my take from a large lawn owned by a rich lady was twenty dollars.  Forty years ago that was a lot of money.  My friend and business partner, Skipper, and I walked to the Bank and exchanged our twenty dollar bills for twenty singles.  We then went home and ironed our money, stacked it, dropped it over our heads and let it flutter over us, basking in the power of it.

I showed my Dad my fortune and proclaimed that I was rich.  He looked kind of sad and told me something that I didn’t understand that day but would later.  He said I would always be too busy making a living to make a fortune.

How about you?  Are you too busy making a living to make a fortune?

My Dad was exactly right.  He should know.  He was the son of an Oklahoma sharecropper.  He worked hard all his life, made an excellent living, but never saw that fortune for himself.

Today is not the day to get specific about putting that fortune together, but it was my Dad that  revealed the secret of making fortunes. It  took many years to figure out the simplicity of that truth.

When muscles trumped money

I was a skinny twelve year old boy trying hard to compete with larger boys on the football team.  We were poor, so while the other guys had barbells to train with, I had solid steel bars of assorted lengths which my Dad brought home from the oil fields.  I would lift those over and over trying to grow muscles.  My Dad watched and noticed that the more I lifted the thinner I got.

Dad said if I would get myself a baby pig, lift it over my head every morning without fail, in 5 to 7 months I would be able to lift a full grown pig over my head. 

My Dad was a  well built man from a life of hard labor.  I asked if that was how he got so strong.  No, he said, he had tried the pig lifting but never stuck with it long enough for it to work.  Something always distracted him, so he never got super strong, but he was sure it would work if I stuck with it.

I think a pig probably grows faster than a boy’s muscles, but I know the principle works with money.

It takes money to make money, but it doesn’t take that much!  Most of us from sharecropper backgrounds never learned how to use money to make more money.  When we do make investments, we invest too much too fast, and lose it.  Just like my Dad, we get distracted from the slow steady discipline of growing our wealth.  I’m not talking about compound interest here.  I’m talking about getting stronger and stronger each day by making investments that we can easily handle, liking picking up a baby pig, and then growing the size of our deals step by step until we have that fortune that has always slipped from our grasp.

How many steps are we talking about?  153.  That’s right!  If we start with a dollar, buy something at a good price and then sell it for $1.10 or more and then buy the next item for $1.10 looking for a similiar increase, and so on, we will accumulate a fortune in only 153 deals.

It doesn’t take much business accumen to buy something for a dollar and sell it for 10% more.  Actually, at the lower levels of investment, we should be able to keystone (double) our investment or even more.   We can expect to make some bad decisions along the way and lose money.  Remember the lemonade! 

The truth is that cash is very powerful in any amount.  Most investors are leveraging their money.  The cost of borrowed money is expensive.  If we deal in cash only, that gives us a growing advantage at every level.  The advantage of cash, discipline, and determination to never venture into areas of investment beyond our experience is almost magical in its simplicity as well as its power.  It works!

On my next post, I’ll show you how to get started making real money.  There are few rules to follow.  The most important rule is that we don’t spend our capital.  Our objective is to  make two million dollars.  We start small, and try to increase our investments at the 10% level.   Especially in the beginning we should make substantially more than 10% but we won’t pour that money into a larger investment right away.  We will build a surplus of capital, so that when we have a loss, we can learn our lesson, and move on .   We don’t have to re-invent the wheel here.  There is a wealth of information that we can learn along the way.  Those who got filthy rich have tried to share their knowledge with those who have little.  We just seldom listen to the right advice.   If we have too many loses we have to step backwards.  If we spend the money, we step backward.  The objective is to make two million; so stepping backwards is not part of the plan A….it is plan B.  If you do lose control and use your money to pay cash for a house, or pay off all your debts.  You’ll have to start all over.

How bad would it be to lose control, pay off all your debts and have to start over…debt free?

This works, but we can’t jump ahead with an investment that is beyond our threshold of ease.   I was moving steadily towards my fortune when an opportunity popped up.  I was able to buy a house for cash from my surplus.  It took all my cash, but it was a great deal.  I knew I could turn the money fast, so I did it.   Then the bottom dropped out of the housing market.  My investment was still worth twice what I paid for it but I would be leaving so much money on the table that I would be better off to rent it, enjoy that income, and then sell it for a better price when the market returns.

So, this is how I ended up back at the beginning.  I broke my rule and spent the capital.  Yeah, it was  a house, free and clear, worth far more than I paid, but it was a huge step backward.

The truth is I didn’t have to start completely over at the very beginning, but some of the things I did to get that money were  things that required skills that not every sharecropper son has.  I’m a master electrician, a custom picture framer, and a bit of a sculptor.  I decided to start over at the very beginning and find deals that require no specialized skills.  I’m not really poor like I used to be.  I own two houses and I’m debt free.  I’m not really rich; well in a way, I guess I am, but not as rich as I’ll be 153 deals from now.  I hope you will subscribe to my blog, visit my website, and participate in the forum.  You can use any special skill you have to perpetuate your fortune, and you can also liquidate your excess property, converting it to cash.  So of the ways we make deals happen are easier than others.  I hope we can all help each other to make our fortunes.

We do not need to be obsessed with money.  Money is not everything.  It is powerful, however, and since it turns  out easier to make a fortune than to lift up a baby pig every morning for 5 to 7 months, doesn’t it make sense to go ahead and make a fortune and get it over with?

Let’s make something for ourselves!