picture of Randy R. CoxRandy Cox made a lot of money in his youth, but managed to spend more than he made. In those days he refused to place much value on money. In mid-life he learned to live within a cash environment and accumulate a few dollars.

Looking back, he now realizes the value of making a sizable fund of money early in life, putting it in passive investments and letting it work to supply all financial needs that may arise in the adventure of life.

This website is for young people who want to make and keep a healthy fund of money now to fund a long life of adventure. It is also for older people who lived the good life without care for money, but need it now to continue the life of adventure that they chose at an early age. It is also for anyone in between that just want to devote a small part of their life to making money so they can live the rest of their life without an overwhelming concern for the problems of money.