by Randy Cox

After struggling with too much choice for years, I find out that any choice is good choice.  In the Scientific American, Karen Hopkins reports  a study that indicates the mere ability to choose is as rewarding as getting the better of two possible outcomes.

young woman trying to choose from many pairs of shoesAs computers took over my world, I used to curse Bill Gates for bringing us windows with all the different ways to accomplish the same thing.  I was such a linear person!  In those days, and now, if you asked a couple of people how to do something on the computer, you’d get a different answer from each person, and they might all be wrong.

Then President Bush brought us more choice in the Medicare system with Part A and Part B.  I didn’t know how rewarding and good any extra choice could be.  I hadn’t figured that out yet.

I used to have good days and bad days.  I assumed that was just the way things were.  Then I found out the good days weren’t just assigned by the universe.  Good days are choices.  I feel good or bad because I choose to do so!  Just like Karen Hopkins reports, it is uplifting just to know I have  the choice.  I choose to feel good, but once in a while I might just choose to feel bad.  When I make a choice like that, it will feel good not bad, simply because I am free to make the choice.

My lucky hat is not lucky because it was sprinkled with fairy dust.  It is lucky because I decided it was lucky.  Good luck is the meaning I choose to associate with my hat.  When I wear it I expect good luck and that is what I get.  When I spot my lucky hat before I go out, I feel good because I can choose to wear it or not.  All of these choices are good choices.

You don’t have to make yourself feel good all the time.  Just stop choosing to make yourself feel bad.  Bask in the freedom that you have to choice your own fate, your own course of action.

When you walk forward don’t limit your vision to the two diverging paths that you come to,  know that you can choose to go back, or you can go off path.  Your choices are unlimited.  You can feel good about all those choices just because you have them!

Now when I use a windows program, I don’t curse Microsoft for forcing me to make a decision.  I am grateful for the choices.  Any choice is a good choice!

Years ago, I read a study done with fruit pickers.  Some fruit pickers did better the first few days of a harvest because they found a few good trees and went back to them every day.  Other pickers went to different trees every day.  They did well, but not as well as the first group that kept exploiting the best areas over and over.

Eventually, the first group picked their favorite trees clean.  Their production began to taper off.  The more venturesome group of pickers began to out pick the first group.  Before the end of the harvest the first group could barely find anything at all as they made their repetitive circle through their favorite areas.  The more venturesome pickers continued to find fruit to the very end.

I learned from the fruit pickers that doing things differently, making different choices just for the sake of choice can put me in places that my old rigid self would never have gone.  By choosing a narrow range of travel, I had restricted the number of opportunities I was exposed to .  When I trained my eye to see more choices and made those choices, my opportunities expanded in ways beyond my imagination.

My luck is directly proportionate to the number of opportunities I expose myself to.  The more diverse my choices, the more diverse my opportunity.  The greater I choose, the luckier I get.

More choice means more options and greater satisfaction, but fear can create the illusion of excessive choice.  The stress of indecision  can overwhelm a person to the point of paralysis, anxiety, and failure.  It can lead to clinical depression.  All of this can happen to those who choose to fear.  Choose the adventure of freedom and choice ; reject the choice of fear.

Choosing to appreciate and take advantage of all the choices around me was a good choice.  Now when I face a new choice, I look for even more choices.  The more I look the more I find.  Any choice is a good choice, the more the better.