Gingrich defends job creators like Citigroup. He and other republicans (not all) love these so called job creators. People need to focus on the truth.  Citigroup is cutting 4500 jobs.

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Gingrich defends "Job Creators"

Gingrich and others crony capitalists on the payroll of the too big to fail monster banks call it class warfare! They like to talk about the 1% at the top of the privledged income stream as job creators, but let’s take a look who these Washington insiders are defending.

Citigroup, who gave Newt Gingrich $16,000 in 1997-9198, is cutting 4,500 jobs worldwide according to Chief Executive Vikram Pandit.

Instead of creating jobs, Citigroup is destroying 4500 jobs!

They will take a record $400 million charge, reducing any taxes they would have paid without the layoffs. That’s 2% of their workforce. This is what entrenched Republicans call, “Job Creators.” Remember them! They are protected by people who call themselves conservative free marketers. There is nothing free market about protecting government created persons, corporations, with tax loopholes that give them a pass where smaller business has to pay.

This website promotes real money making, not the free presses of the federal reserve system.

Citi Group  job creators (or job destroyers) join other banks that have cut more than 120,000 jobs as they continue to hoard money given to them in the bailouts….money they were supposed to loan out.

Unlike the crony capitalists, I do not like free credit using phony dollars from the FED. It destroys the value of real dollars earned by hard working people and true capitalists. We can’t have real class warfare without holding these government protected monsters accountable. 2500 arrested Occupiers, but not one arrested bank crook!

Citi rival Bank of America is cutting 30,000 jobs.

I don’t mind making business tax competitive with foreign companies, but remove the loopholes, first. Whatever we give to these guys, we need to make simple, open, and give to every individual…not just the big guys! Penny capitalists create jobs when they get to keep their profits as the too big to fail guys are given advantages that allow them to run rough shod over the little business people.

Citigroup received 45 billion as their part of the 700 billion dollar government bailout.

Recently, these one percenters agreed to pay $285 million to settle civil fraud charges that it mislead buyers of complex packages of bad loans just as the housing market was starting to collapse.

Republicans and Democrats need to stop talking about the “job creators” until jobs are actually created.

Does Newt defend Citigroup because they create jobs or because they are likely to give him his share of that 700 Billion dollars tax payer money again in the future?