Some blogs follow, some do not!  Blogs that follow appreciate the two way value of a conversation.   Those with something to say need not waste their time with blogs that do not want to listen or allow their readers a chance to voice their own opinion.

There have always been conversations about money. Ever since man first began using pretty shells to trade between one cave and another, people have been exchanging ideas on how to achieve wealth.

Now that we have the internet, the conversations take place across great distances. Once only the most adventuresome merchants learned the new secrets of acquisition from far away places, but today we can travel almost anywhere electronically.

The old media was a one way event. The printed book, newspaper, or even the noble handbill was the work of one distributed to the many. There was no interaction unless the reader decided to publish his own opinion.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

With the internet, one can participate in the global discussion simply by reading a blog and leaving a comment.

There are some old dogs that are used to doing all the talking. They don’t want to listen. They want to tell the world what to do and have the world listen without interruption. That’s nice, but I’ll have as little to do with that as possible.

I’m not interested in blogs that do not allow comment. I have a voice and I have ears to hear others. My comments will be open and the blogs I read will have their comments open as well.

Some bloggers do not want to share the reputation of their blog with their readers. They block the search engines from following the comments of their readers. I prefer reading blogs that allow and encourage the search engines to follow. I allow it and I expect others to do the same.

There are directories that list blogs that “do follow.” I rely on those directories to find the blogs I read. Give these blogs a try!

Blogs That Follow