Randy R Cox

Beggars have been around forever. If only we could teach a beggar to sell. The best of them beg only long enough to get a job stake and then go back to work. Others make a fortune.

The Old Beggar

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A good beggar can make over a hundred thousand per year working less than forty hours a week. I once circled the block to give money to a man with a little girl beside him. The sign said, “have job in Tulsa, need gas to get there.” I gave him a twenty dollar bill, but in the time it took to circle back I saw three others drive by and hand him folding money. If he got twenty from each of them, that would be a hundred dollars in less than five minutes.

Begging is one of the highest paid professions with the lowest prestige!

The worst beggars are the winos and drug addicts. In their chemical stupor, they only beg, or pan handle long enough to get a fix. They never accumulate any money. They usually won’t even waste money for food. For them begging is a means to slow suicide. You can’t help them until they decide they want to be helped. They are usually dead men walking.

I undestand why some people beg. I don’t have a problem with someone that finds themselves so down and out that begging is the only way they can get a hand back up. I’d rather see them sell a little something, like a pencil, or a flower, or better a shoe shine. See how that progresses from begging to a genuine service that we could use more of in the world.

Give money to a beggar; feed him for a meal. Teach a beggar to sell and you feed him for a lifetime.