It is time to consider how to use art to illustrate your blog and website.  It is a problem to locate the right image to make your point, but if you use art, the job gets easier and your presentation looks better.  Your words may sing, but a picture is worth a thousand words.   You need a visual image to bring your words come to life.  Art Critic

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It takes time and talent to shoot your own photographs, and you’re almost certain to run into copyright issues sooner or later.  Getting the credits exactly right to satisfy the owner of a photo is awkward and ugly.  Who needs a lawsuit?  Public domain photos take a lot of time to find, and you can never trust your right to use them.

There is a far better solution.  Art!  It softens your website and imparts class.

You could search the net for artwork that matches the subject you are writting about.  Most artists would be flattered and pleased to grant permission for you to use their artwork to illustrate yours, especially if you make it clickable and send the viewer to another link where they can purchase the piece or see others of the same style.

This is a great way to illustrate your writing but it takes time to secure the artist’s permission.  There is an even  better way.  You not only get instant artist quality images (like the one above), but you stand a chance of making a small commission if a reader decides to buy it.

If you follow the link provided by the banner below, you can sign up as an affiliate and use your choice of over 500,000 posters and fine art prints.  You can find something there that will be perfect for whatever you are writing about.  Wow!  It will add class and consistency to your blog or website like you never dreamed.  It will make illustration quick and easy.

All you have to do is sign up and then use their easy search to explore their inventory.  Find the perfect match, select the information you want or don’t won’t by clicking on the radio buttons,  update and they will create the code instantly.  You copy and paste that on your website and you are open for business.

If you go back through my old posts here you can see the transition  cash153 underwent from photos to art illustration.  You be the judge.  Your blog can look even better!  I can’t tell you how much time it saves.  If we sell something we might even make some money.  Isn’t that better than paying  a photo service ?

Sign up today and put their 1/2 million posters and fine art print library  to work for you  within the hour.  It is so Easy!
Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$