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Want to know how to make big money selling little things?  The best way to get started is to sell lots of little things.    If your path to success has been slower than you’d like, it could be that your way is clogged. The little things get in your way, slow you down. If you are like most Americans you have more little things than you need, yet they are too good to throw away. You can turn those little things into big money and make your life better at the same time.

Once you’ve learned to buy at the lower prices and sell for the higher prices, you no longer need to store all that stuff that is holding you back.

Don’t store it; sell it!

You don’t need it. If you’ve been saving it because you might need it, then sell it now at a good price and buy it later when you do need it at a lower price. This way you can let the money grow instead of letting the dust collect. If you don’t need it right this minute…you don’t need it at all. Sell it.

If you can’t sell it, you don’t need it.

Have you noticed that some of the stuff you save for the day you need it seems too old to use when you finally do need it? Sell it. If you can’t sell it, throw it out! Sometimes the best way to know something is worthless is to put it on the garage sale table at mark down prices. If no one wants it; you don’t need it either. Sell it or trash it!Garage Sale
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Things have only so much value.

They may be family heirlooms, but if you can’t remember which side of the family or which relative goes with the item, sell it! Protect the genuine heirlooms but sell the rest. You need the money and the space.

Don’t Hoard it.

If you’ve been saving it because it will be worth something some day, half the people in your world probably saved it as well. Sell it! If there is no market now, you probably won’t live long enough for the rest of the world to toss theirs. Move it out.

Use it!

In the garage, under the kitchen sink, and tucked away in all sorts of place, stuff hides–lots of little bottles, cans, and boxes. Some are too ugly to sale. Use it up. You’ll find a lot of it dried out or out of date. Use it or lose it.


Do an advanced search for completed Ebay auctions of the item you have. If the money is good, list it on Ebay. Some people make a living selling stuff on ebay. You’ll be amazed, but you have to do the searches to know what is likely to sell there from what is not. Remember the cost of shipping might make Ebay the wrong market. If there are many unsold auctions of this item, don’t waste your listing fee.


For larger items, too bulky or heavy for efficient shipping, Craigslist is the perfect place to sell. The nice thing about Craigslist is the price—free for most things. While you are poking around on Craigslist you’ll be getting to know a good source for all those things you used to keep. Wait until you need them, go to Craigslist, drive a hard bargain, buy what you need, use it, and then resell for a potential profit. Most people won’t bother driving a hard bargain.

Free website

Get yourself a free website and put photos of all your junk. Put an ad on Craigslist to sell it cheap and refer your prospects to your website photos. If you can’t sell it, trade it for best offer. Some people love the excitement of the trade, and you can exchange an item that is almost worthless for an item that is actually worth something to you.

You can box up several related items and sell the whole box on Craigslist for a package price. One trick that works well for me is to list an item or group at a good price and then re-list it after a day or two as reduced in price. Keep reducing the price until it is free. Be careful giving away free stuff on Craigslist. A lot of bad people use a free offer as an excuse to rummage around your house to steal stuff. If they get caught they just claim they were responding to the ad. Be very careful, but cash in on the little things you don’t need.


Some people love tools. I have special tools that I bought years ago that are still in the package they came from. Keep the tools you actually use; sell the ones you don’t. All those tools that you might need someday can be sold for a better price than you’ll have to pay if and when you do need them.

If you save them, they may become obsolete before you use them. There is no longer a reason to keep tools around. Sell them. Tools sell quickly.

Garage sale

After you have tried to sell your merchandise through Ebay, Craigslist, and your website, you’ll have lots of junk left over. Save some bigger ticket items as special attractions and hold a garage sale or yard sale. Mark the prices down lower and lower. Have a free table for those things that nobody wants. Finally you’ll have tested your stuff. Some of it will convert to money. Some of it has been ready for the waste bin for ages, and now you know. You’ve done well!

Develop your negotiation skills.

If you don’t yet feel you’ve developed the skills to buy low and sell high, use some of the money you make selling the little things to buy more little things. Learn to negotiate a better deal when buying and selling the little things.  That skill set will transfer when you are buying and selling the bigger things.

It won’t take long; you’ll be amazed how fast you learn and how exciting the whole process is. There is a reason why the super rich continue making deals long past the point of their need. Once you’ve accumulated millions or billions of dollars, you’ll still want to make a good deal, because it is fun!

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