by Randy Cox

I promised that the fine art of negotiation  would be a subject covered here on  It is hard to imagine how we could accumulate any sizable sum of money without some skill`at negotiation.  Something as critical to success as negotiation should be practiced with the pleasure of a fine art, but more often we do it only as a last resort because we have to.

Americans are the worst negotiators in the world.  Jim Thomas, in his book “Negotiate to Win” points out that America was settled by the sons and daughters of the old world who failed to negotiate a good place for themselves in their native land.

Instead of negotiating  they ran away.  They came to the New World to start over.   Some of them found their way here, but others still failed to negotiate a place for themselves.  They went west!

The whole history of America is replete with failures moving west for a new beginning, a fresh start.  That’s the story of hope, toughness, survival…but not the story of negotiation.

The farther west we go, the worse the average negotiation skills.  Most Americans offer one price, take it or leave it!  Many of them feel insulted if you try to negotiate.  They have an air about them that says, “This is my best offer!”  If you don’t like this, you must think I’m trying to cheat you.

There are a lot of reasons why this is not true and we will cover them in a later article.

In the rest of the world, money doesn’t flow so freely as in America. Here it comes easy; it goes easy–many times without so much as a haggle.  Elsewhere people want to hang onto their money for a while before it goes to someone else.  They want to make sure they have a good deal before they give it up.  They savor the process of bargaining.

We don’t want the bother of a negotiation.  If we need more money we can always make more.  There seems to be no need to hold it tight.

Americans are in a hurry.  We want a quick deal and we want  it fast. We want to cut to the chase, and consequently we are lousy at negotiating. We seem to  hate it!

I don’t have the time right now to cover all you need to know,but you can’t wait.  You need negotiation skill right now.

Bob Parsons has done a good crash course video on negotiations.  He covers most of the same things I plan to cover and does so in a very entertaining  manner.

You can find the video here:

Check this out and learn his techniques.

More later,

Randy Cox