In the beginning, the net was  blah and without form.  Blogging in the beginning was more a concept than a reality. Then someone like Dave Winer, Jorn  Barger, or Justin Hall wrote the first blog.  Whoever created it, the net saw that it was good.

Once the secret of blogging was out, it didn’t take long for the question, “Where’s the money?” to be asked.  The search was on!

Secrets and tips for profitable blogs is a common subject among blogs.  There seems to be no end to the interest of that topic.  The competition is tough, and achieving good blog traffic becomes crucial if a blogger wants to rise above the blur of blah.

If you were  make a list of the 101 best ways to improve  blog traffic,  and posted it on your blog, you would find that a large number of people would accept you as an authority and pass your list on as if it were the definitive solution.

Just like the whisper that starts with one and is transferred from person to person, the whisper has changed enough after it goes through a number of people that the original whisperer would not even recognize it as his own.

So it is that the almost infinite ways of attracting traffic to a blog becomes almost a living thing as it changes and changes and changes some more.

You’ve got to get links and profiles on the top ranking websites.  If you associate with great names; your own name will grow in stature.  Identify those websites and blogs and hang out there until they know you and link back to your blog.

How can you convince them to accept your request?  Well,  it pretty much depends on luck, but you can start by emailing them an introduction letter with a detailed description of your blog. It would help if you shared some hot important new information with them that they don’t yet know.

How are you going to come up with that kind of insider information if you are not an insider.  Get creative and believe in yourself.  If you have a blog, you obviously think of yourself as having something to say.  Say it!  The people at the top already know most of what the top guys know.  They’ve been there for a while.  You are new and fresh!  Your brain has been collecting all these tidbits of information for a lifetime.  Only you know these things; you haven’t yet shared them with the world.  That’s your advantage.  Lay it on them!

Don’t worry if you don’t get results on your first attempts, try again with others.  Once you get a link on their site, your blog will grow.  The money will take care of itself.

If you can’t get the big guys to pay attention to your fresh ideas, then get links with the best of the new guys.  Seek them out and network with them.  Let their best ideas inspire you as you inspire them.  Soon you will be the new big guys and the old big guys will fade away.  That’s what happens when old school refuses to infuse new blood.

Be aware of the below belt  “hidden” tricks used to attract traffic and increase rankings.   You don’t need this stuff.  The ranks they produce are shallow and unproductive over the long haul.  Concentrate on quality of content and you’ll do fine.

In order to spread the word about your blog, you can always turn to RSS; this is  one of the best ways to make a special intro for a new blog on the web. Most blog services are also RSS feed generators, in case you lack this tool, you can always turn to Feed For All software to create the feeds. A site such as will definitely be a good starting point for a novice of the blogging adventure, since, presently the RSS is the best means of making your blog popular.