by Randy Cox

When working capital to accumulate wealth, there are two approaches on how to make a fortune.

The first and common way is to compete for wealth.  This method presumes a finite amount of wealth to be consumed by a given number of inhabitants.  For one to gain, another must lose.  This is the way of Darwin and the Robber Barons of the last century.  The things done in the heat of competition are often nasty.

There is another way to accumulate wealth.  The less common approach to wealth accumulation  presumes an infinte source of raw materials and energy to create wealth.  The creative method does not require taking wealth  from others, but adding new wealth to the expanding abundance of the universe.  The creative method is how we will make our fortune.

The world of the competitor is much smaller than the world of the creator.  The competitor finds an opponent everywhere, while the creator finds partners all around.  The competitor thinks in terms of getting, taking, and winning.  The creator thinks in terms of  creating, sharing, and giving.

The competitor struggles with the world around him, seeking to win against those who get  in his way and to destroy obstructiongs that stand in his way.  The creator seeks to join with those who get in his way that they might both find a way around the obstructions.  The creator sees the world as an expanding universe and his own role to go forward and multiply.

When searching for an example of great creativy it is hard to find a better one than Jesus.  When Jesus owed taxes, he took a gold coin from the mouth of a fish.  He did not seek to exploit the market around him for gold at the expense of another.  He found wealth where it was not known to be.  When he was faced with multitudes of hungry people, he did not bid for food at the market price.  He just took the food he had and distributed in a creative manner that fed all.

It is interesting to note that stealing is a concept of radical competition.  Sharing is a concept of radical creativity.  When a thief competes with a creator who shares, the creator will win.    It is impossible to steal from one who shares.

At  and we will let the competitors have at each other to their own delight.  We will take the higher road of creativity.  There is an endless supply of raw materials, energy, and ideas from which to create wealth.  This is how to make a fortune.   Let’s get rich!