by Randy Cox

As I write this I am aware of the fact that  almost no one is paying attention to the power of small change.  I went to a dinner party last night and people asked what I was doing these days.  My wife told them about my plan to pick up a few cans, sell them for cash and turn it into two million dollars.  She told them I was busy building a website to share this system with others.  She called it, “internet millions.”  People seemed slightly confused at my plan and largely skeptical at my chances.  Everyone wants to know how to make a fortune, but it seems easier to help another make his fortune (by paying some guru) than to actually utilize free infomation to make your own.

I understand.  It is hard to have the vision to see  value in  this.  They can’t readily see see the simple genius of my Dad’s pig – lifting strategy.  Even my Dad didn’t believe in his own method enough to actually see it through to the end.   If someone out there has actually responded to my challenge, started collecting ,  but is having second thoughts, I’d like to encourage them.

This is not foolishness.

Ben Franklin knew the power of small change.  Remember he said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  He was a wealthy man, but he had the vision to put a single dollar into a special trust fund in Philadelphia and leave it there.  Today the dollar has grown and the fund fully pays the tuition for several low income students every year.

Don’t feel foolish.  The power of small change is real.  It is inevitable that you will doubt the validity of the whole process.  If I can convince you to keep going, keep learning, and moving  through a few more steps you will never regret it.

If your experience is like mine another thing that is inevitable is  a neighbor or friend will drive by while you are poking around in the mud like a homeless person.  Great! What an important lesson is to be learned here.    Your friends  will be puzzled at what they see you doing.  Picking up cans?

You will feel embarrassed.

Don’t just hide your face in shame, contemplate this.   Rich people are not embarrassed by making money.  Again, rich people are not embarrassed making money.  If we are going to be rich, we must learn to not be embarrassed by money.  When an honest opportunity presents itself, rich people do not hesitate.  They seize the opportunity.  Small change is powerful.

Poor people stop to think about what others will think.  In a competitive world, hesitation will often cost the opportunity.  The person with money will snatch the opportunity away.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The rich get power….the poor get poorer.

Here is an experiment of observation for you.  Try picking up cans in a rich neighborhood.  The rich recycle.  They save their cans and turn them back in for cash.  Look in the shopping center parking lots near expensive homes.  See how much loose change you will find.  You won’t find many cans; you won’t find many coins.

Rich people pick up coins where they drop them.  Poor people often don’t bother to pick up pennies or other coins.  They are in too much of a hurry.  Rich people almost always stop to pick up coins.  They’ve already paid tax on the dropped coin and they don’t intend to lose that tax-free money.  It is against their nature.

One of the reasons for us to start small is because we need to change our nature.  If we have dropped pennies in the past and let them roll because we are in too much of a hurry to…. say… get to our day jobs where we are overworked and underpaid, we need to move toward a  new nature, more inclined to cling to money than to let it roll from our grasp.

It makes sense to start small and pay careful attention to the details.  There is so much to learn from this.   It is important as we take this path to get our minds clear.  One thing we need to see well is the whole concept of problem solving.  It is simple, but a few years ago when I first started to solve some of my own problems,  I would ask others what method they used to solve problems.

Some gave me vague answers which were basically correct but weakened by extraneous steps and imperceptions that were more distraction than help.  Still, they did manage to solve problems in spite of non-focused methods.  Some actually surprised me with answers like, “There’s a method?”

Getting clear on that is important.  First we must define the problem; then we consider a number of possible solutions.  After we have a number of solutions, we pick the best solution and implement it.

Once we implement the solution, we need to pay attention to the results we are getting.  That is very important.  If the results are not what we want or need, we need to adjust our actions until the results are what we need.

That’s it!  That’s all there is to it.  That’s how to solve a problem and that’s how to make a fortune.  As we work towards the solution, we observe and adjust.  That’s the way a pilot flies from Dallas to L.A.  The pilot sets his course, but the wind blows him off course.  He constantly observes where he is and adjusts his position so he is back on course.  The aim is straight, but the reality is a crooked path.

The can hunter pays attention.  He sees one here on this side of the road, one other on the other side of the road.  Yes, that must be done, but that is not what I’m really talking about.  Other things must be noticed and skills developed.  The eye learns to see, like the hunters of old learned to see game hiding from them.  We should note that opportunity and wealth is everywhere.  The road that we walk upon is connected to every road.  If you consider the shipping lanes, the road you stand upon is connected to every road in the world.

Let this exercise expand your vision.  We will need this expanded vision as our opportunities also expand.   We  only have 153 steps to our destination.  As our bag fills we can know to a certainty that we are moving to our goal.  We have small and certain success with the small steps.  We will have equal certain success with the next steps.  It evolves naturally, step by step.  This is a viable and certain way way  to make a fortune.

Before we finish the foolishness of collecting cans, we should seize the opportunity for the second step.  It has presented itself already.  What will be the second step?   Of course, we pick up the coins–just like the rich people do.

In America capital is laying on the ground.  Anyone can be a capitalist that decides to accept the captial that is offered.

Let’s get rich!