By Randy Cox

Any one can be a capitalist, but how about from a penny…two million dollars.  The first caveman to pick up a stick to use as a weapon was a capitalist.  He converted raw material into a weapon to amplify his own ability.  He moved up instantly in the food chain.  With the first whack of the stick, he gained power over the creatures below that lacked the vision to see the weapon quality of the stick.  This is what this program is about.

We start at the bottom with a little work to get capital.  Then we learn how to buy and sell things for a profit.  This is how to make a fortune.  We learn how to seize the opportunity.  I don’t mean to be rude, but most of us don’t think of ourselves as being very good at this business of capitalism.  If you are good at it, then this program will be too basic for you.  You might  do better borrowing a few million dollars and turning it into a billion.  This program is for losers who are sick of losing.  We’re not going to take it anymore!

This business plan is for honest people that want to strip capitalism down to the basic form by hunting for opportunity that is within their grasp, add some value, then trade that new improved commodity to the “market” for the next and better opportunity.  This program never requires borrowed capital.   Growing our savings a little at a time is really how to make a fortune.

Borrowing is the way those who have enslave those who want.  They whole business cycle is about the rich loaning the ambitious money to complete projects larger than they could do otherwise.  So the rich loan out the money; the ambitious use it to build, and then at the end of the  cycle the rich tighten up the money supply.  Some of the ambitious borrowers see the cycle coming and prepare for it, but most of the time, they lose what they built.  It goes back to the rich and the cycle starts over.

This system requires vision and patience.  If you learn how to save a penny until it is a dollar and then invest it wisely, you’ll have power than exceeds the encumbered millionaires.  You won’t  be impressing the rich.  They are more attracted to  the flashy entrepreneur, the shaker and mover, the wheeler dealer.  Those are they guys most vulnerable to their traps.  They loan the money, then pull it back when the time is right.  The big shots come and go.

We will work among them attracting very little attention.  We will be players but without the flash.  The first step is very humble.  We need cash.  Beg or borrow a large plastic garbage sack and fill it with aluminum cans.  We’ll learn a lot of lessons from this experience, and we’ll sell the cans for cash.  We’ll have enough capital to start our cash business, and we’ll have money in surplus to back us up on the inevitable occasions when we fail.

Picking up cans is hard work.  It takes money to make money, but not so much as you might think.  After the cans, we will begin buying and selling.  If it bothers you that we start so small, think of how many deals we have to do to make two million dollars.  One hundred fifty three deals is not that much.  This is the first of one fifty three.  As you walk the road, from can to can, think this road leads to two million dollars.  Each can is worth about a penny.  “The penny grows to a dollar;  the dollar grows to two million.